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  1. Driving Mode Capability Unlocked S9+ US Version?
  2. Moto x read text messages aloud - Spy mobile iphone
  3. What is Motorola Assist on Moto G?
  4. Motorola Assist does not read messages, how to fix it?

So, I guess there will be some updates when the new version of Moto X is announced this summer. Such updates then may be ported to Moto G. No matter what I do, the meeting function does not work at all with my main calendar. It does show up in the settings and I have enabled this, but no meeting since I bought the Moto G last week has ever gone in to meeting mode. Is there an issue with Microsoft Exchange calendars? Did you check the requirements to trigger the meeting assist? Did you accept it? Did you have more than one attendees?

Driving Mode Capability Unlocked S9+ US Version?

Learn how to use Text to speech which reads your messages out loud on the Motorola Moto X. Learn how to use voice commands and text to speech which reads your messages out loud on the Motorola Moto X. Text to speech reads messages out loud, allowing you to listen to text or messages instead of reading them. To write and send a text message SMS using voice commands.

And I have changed the sim slots, for sim1 only its having the problem, sim2 is working fine. Anyway, to me, it still sounds like a mobile network coverage issue. In my Moto g phone, its showing R symbol in the notification bar top right hand side even i am in the home network and also sometimes networks will go off suddenly and after sometime it will come back.

Can anybody solve this problem please…. It sounds like mobile network issue. Did you check with your phone company on the network coverage? You just put your Moto G into silent mode as shown in this guide: Meetings has been detected and during the meeting time phone has turned on silence mode but it is not send any auto reply message.

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My moto g has stopped playing videos? On YouTube Facebook pretty much any video it will not play? You can also press and hold power button to follow the on-screen option to power of the phone, then power on it by pressing and holding power button. Once the option is enabled, Moto G will silence the ringer unless the call is from one in the list of favourites. Just press and hold the power button until you feel a vibration. A box will show up in the center of the screen, behind Power off and AirPlane mode, there are three buttons for ringer options: Touch the Silent mode the first one from left to make you Moto G into silent mode.

Posting Quick Reply - Please Wait. You can disable sleep mode, then enable it, if you want to enable it immediately.

Moto x read text messages aloud - Spy mobile iphone

The screen went blank. This is how driving assist works. You may try hangouts. Navigation Gestures Customizable gesture control for any Android device. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Google Facebook Twitter LinkedIn. Comments I have Moto G 4 play. After switching to the speaker, if you switch back to the earpiece, can you hear any sound? You can also reboot the phone to see whether it helps. Did home assist work?

Motorola Moto G4: Sending and Receiving a Text Message (4 of 11) - Consumer Cellular

Some vendors have own car mode or driving mode. Both talk to me and play music are checked. Did you turn off notification? For calling issues, can you make phone calls? Thanks for clearing up this curious thing for me! Usually, the number right to the name indicates the number of messages in that thread. Thank you for sharing the info. What are your settings for downtime? What is the exclusion list? Any ideas on how to tackle this problem?

This is a known problem for Motorola Assist app. The sensor feedback is not instant. But it should not lag too much. Other wise every place I add, will make my Moto G remains in silence all the time. Thank you for your time. My doubts and questions are: What about other apps where I would like to be alert? Hope to be more specific in my question. Thanks for your time.

You can always disable driving mode. Enable it only after sitting behind the wheel. Please note, this is a community site for Motorola Moto device owners to help other owners.

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What are the settings in Motorola Assist? Under sleeping, what time did you choose? Does it detect you are at home? Motorola Assist is available for Moto E.

What is Motorola Assist on Moto G?

Did you manually flush rom? Then, probably Motorola Assist is not available in your region due to legal reasons. I have had this reply from Motorola help, but can;t get beyond step 4, I have now been told to do a complete reset, but if anyone knows anything else to try would be appreciate advice thanks 1.

Did you install some third-party apps to manager calls? When someone calls you or messages you, what happens? You need use the default messaging app. Can you drag the limit line up and down? Turn the sleep assist off uncheck it inside the assist app , then turn it on.

Motorola Assist does not read messages, how to fix it?

Now tap the menu icon 3 vertical dots in top right , uncheck all calls to voicemail NEW!! You can always disable the app in settings — apps. What exactly came through? Maybe try Turing off your mobile data and Turing it back on. Are you exclusively on your data or are you connected to wifi? At least for me this only happens when I'm out of the house and my connection keeps dropping out.

Hmm, I'll give it a try. I'm on wifi at home and data when I'm out. It's happening everywhere for me these last few weeks. Ok google just stopped working overall after the march update. Installing and uninstalling the google app did nothing. Hmm that's weird. My ok google is working for everything still except reading texts aloud. Did you check to make sure the voice setting inside the google app is still enabled?