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Figure ASP. NET Framework. On Windows XP Professional systems, however, you also have the option of using the Computer Management tool to get the job done. Computer Administrators can use this tool to create accounts, as well as manage existing ones. Limited users can use the tool to manage settings related to their own account only. Follow these steps to create new user accounts in Control Panel: 1. The User Accounts Pick a Task screen appears.

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Click Create a new account. The Name the new account screen appears, as shown in Figure In the field provided, type a name for the new account. Click Next. Figure Supply the name for a new user account. Although not as user-friendly as the Users Accounts applet in the Control Panel, this tool often appeals to more advanced users who like the convenience of having access to many system configuration tools from within a single console window. Click Start, right-click My Computer, and click Manage. At the Computer Management window, expand the Local Users and Groups folder by clicking on the plus sign see Figure Right-click the Users folder and click New User.

In the New User window, enter a user name, full name, and description for the account. Enter a password for the user account and then confirm it. Click Create. A new user account is created to match the information you supplied. After you create an account, occasionally you will need to manage it. Examples of security-related tasks associated with managing user accounts include the following: Changing account types Renaming accounts Adding, changing, and resetting passwords Disabling accounts Deleting accounts Each of these tasks is explained in more detail in the following sections.

Thankfully, the User Accounts tool in Windows XP makes it easy to change an account from one type to another, such as switching a Computer Administrator account to a Limited user, or vice versa. Click the user account name whose type you want to change.

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Click Change the account type. Select the type to which the account should be changed, as shown in Figure Click Change Account Type. If the user whose account type is being changed is also logged onto the Windows XP system when the change is made, the new account type takes effect the next time the user logs on.

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Renaming user accounts Changing the name associated with an existing user account is significantly different than creating an account. When you rename an account, only the name is changed — the actual user account fundamentally remains the same. Accounts often are renamed in corporate environments to make the transition between a departing user and their replacement easier.

This is often preferable to creating an entirely new account and then configuring required rights and permissions manually. On a home PC, user accounts are typically only renamed when a user wants to change their onscreen display name. Click the account you want to rename. Click Change the name, as shown in Figure Figure You can rename a user account. Type a new name for the account and then click Change Name.

Tip The built-in Administrator user account may be hidden from the Windows XP Welcome screen by default, but rest assured that hackers and others attempting to gain access to your computer know that it exists. Although you cannot delete this account, you can and should rename it to something less obvious. For user accounts to do anything more than act as a facility for separating user desktops and working environments, they must be assigned passwords.

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Follow these steps to add a password to an existing user account in Control Panel: 1. Click the name of the user account to which you want to add a password. Click Create a password. Enter the password for the user in the Type a new password box see Figure Figure Adding a password to a user account is essential for system security.

Enter the same password again in the Type the new password again to confirm box. Optionally, add a password hint in the Type a word or phrase to use as a password hint box. Click the Create Password button. If your hint is too obvious, other users may be able to guess your password. The User Accounts applet in Control Panel makes it easy to change or even remove the password associated with your user account. If you opt to create only one, Windows XP uses this Computer Administrator account to automatically log you on, bypassing the Welcome screen. Follow these steps to change the password associated with a user account in Control Panel: 1.

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Click the name of the user account whose password you want to remove or change. Enter the new password for the user account, confirm it, and optionally add a password hint. Click Change Password. Additionally, if your computer is ever lost or stolen, not having a password assigned gives others easy access to any personal data or files stored on your system. Occasionally you may run into an issue where someone has forgotten the password associated with their user account and cannot log on.

Follow these steps to reset a forgotten password using Computer Management: 1. Click Start, right-click on My Computer, and click Manage. Click the Users folder and then right-click on the user account whose password you want to reset.

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Click Set Password. Read the warning message that appears with respect to the dangers associated with resetting user password see Figure Click Proceed to continue. Enter the new password, confirm it, and click OK. If you add, change, or reset a password on their behalf even with the best intentions that user will lose access to her encrypted files, stored Internet certificates, and stored Web site passwords. Instead, have the user log on and add a password to their account using the User Accounts applet in Control Panel.

Understanding that users may forget their passwords, Windows XP allows all users to create a password reset floppy disk. This disk allows a user to log on and change his password without the need to worry about losing access to encrypted files and other stored settings.

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For a Windows XP Professional system, follow these steps to disable an existing user account using Computer Management: 1. Right-click the user account you want to disable and click Properties. Check the Account is disabled checkbox as shown in Figure and then click OK. Figure Disabling a user account. The User Accounts tool in Control Panel does not include an option to disable accounts with the exception of the Guest account. As such, if you want to disable or re-enable user accounts on a Windows XP Home system, you need to use the Command Prompt to accomplish the task.

Follow these steps to disable or enable user accounts on Windows XP Home systems: 1. Figure Disabling a user account from the command line. If you believe that an account will be used again at some point in the future, disable it. Follow these steps to delete an existing user account in Control Panel: 1.