How to tapp a another phone in c203


  1. How to tapp a another phone in c203
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  3. How to Tell If Your Phone Is Tapped: 6 Warning Signs

Page Write Text Write text Press a key repeatedly until the letter is shown. Edit text Hi Anna, how are you? Insert object To type in a punctuation mark, press 1 repeatedly. Page Check Your Voicemail Check your voicemail Clear When you can't answer, you can When setting up voicemail, type in forward calls to your voicemail.

How to tapp a another phone in c203

Calling Voice mailbox Loudsp. Tip: To quickly call your voicemail, press and hold 1 on the home screen. Use the volume keys to zoom in or out. Page Record A Video Record a video Besides taking photos, you can also Use the volume keys to zoom in or record videos with your phone. Page Browse The Web Browse the web www. To zoom out, double-tap the screen. See Want to mail, but have no computer 18, Set up mail in your phone. Sign in!

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  • To add a device using the myQ app?

Mike Hello Anna! Add account Anna Hi Mike!

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Options Exit You can read and send mail while on Select a mail account. Page 41 Subject: user mymailbox.

Listen all Calls of your Girlfriend Phone without any Application and without Touching her Phone .

Hi, how are you? Options Clear Reply Write the subject and your message.

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Tip: To reply to a mail, open the mail, then select Reply. Send Write your message in the text box, then select Send.

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See Your phone comes with the Maps app, and may have a memory card with preloaded maps for your country. Page 44 map for the area is automatically downloaded through the internet. Click the name of the Nokia phone in the Detected Devices list. Type the Bluetooth pairing passcode for your Nokia phone, if prompted. Launch your preferred Web browser and surf the Internet, chat or send email as you normally would. Jeff Grundy has been writing computer-related articles and tutorials since Since that time, Grundy has written many guides to using various applications that are published on numerous how-to and tutorial sites.

Skip to main content. Rate Product. One of the most amazing phones at the lower end.

How to Tell If Your Phone Is Tapped: 6 Warning Signs

Targeted at consumers who are looking to migrate from a normal keypad to a touch screen. USP would be Dual sim, hot swap so you do not need to remove the battery and then change your slave sim. Maverick Aug, I have bought the C black color for Rs on Aug 5, The white one is available in plenty at Rs at other shops. The best price is available at FlipKart — Rs Review C Voice: Very good quality and clarity of voice.

Though my apartment has signal problem, but it works gr8 with this phone. Audio: Good. Speakers are like playing on laptop. Deepak Agarwal Sep, I don't think it has S40 os an the software had many patches Also battery charging require more time If we use the phone for an hour it'll start making a wooo Even some experts are telling nokia is using china soft wares I usually read reviews donot write them , but I really wanted my fellow consumers not to get cheated and took special time on a beautiful Sunday morning to write this I blindly trust Nokia , hence I ignored some of the negative reviews here.

But I really wonder how could nokia come down on Quality so much. I am not complaining of the features it is the basic usability of the device primarily arising from touch screens accuracy. They all say Nokia is on downhill and I counter argue th Preet Certified Buyer Oct, I have recently bought this phone and found numerous issues in using this phone.

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  4. Following are few of those: 1. Resistive touch panel is pathetic in comparison to other phone of similar price range. Antenna located at the lowermost position of the phone under the keypad does not provides good reception. This creates issues in detecting network at places where other phones show strong signals. Most of the popular applications like 'Whatsapp', 'Talking cat' etc are not compatible in th Rohit Awasthi Certified Buyer Dec,