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All web activities like sites visited and saved bookmarks etc will be spied.

You can record all the calls and later use them as proof against their lies. All available multimedia files like videos, pictures, etc will be completely tracked.

TheTrustSpy: Free Phone Spy - Mobile Spy - Phone Spy App

FoneTracker being listed on the top, this tracking tool is one of the most safer and reliable tracking apps to use. This tracker tool is not only capable of tracking another device but it also monitors the videos, images, social media conversations, live calls, etc. This cell phone tracker app has got excellent reviews from its users.

This tool because of advanced and innovative features and useful work ability has been ranked on the top among other tracking tools. It tracks down all the data of the phone very much efficiently and it gives the information to the users in an efficient way.

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This application is having a control panel where all the tracking data is provided to the user. Sign in. Log into your account. Password recovery. Free Phone Tracker App.


Try It Now. View All Feature. So how does FoneTracker works? FoneTracker is the tool about which we were talking till now. These products are designed to ensure that businesses are getting the productivity they expect out of employees. They also help enforce data security policies and protocols.

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This feature is a great way to watch over the call logs of the phone or tablet. With it, you can easily check the call logs of your kids or employees to see who they are in contact with. JJSPY tracks the mobile device of your child or employee, so you always know of their whereabouts. Our live control panel which lets you view the phone's screen in real time.

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There are a variety of different messaging apps available for smartphones. See everything that's being typed. Discover search terms, notes, passwords and more. Know what your child is doing online and view his internet activity to make sure he is not accessing harmful content. Access and download all the photos saved both on the internal and external SD of the monitored device. Watch videos from the monitored device and even download them to an offsite storage. The optional Live Control Panel allows for cell phone monitoring in real time, letting you view the phone's screen live like a television and get instant GPS locations.

Other features include:. When you use monitoring software to keep track of your child or employee, you will learn about their cell phone activities.

Phone Tracker Free App Features

After it is installed onto the cell phone you want to monitor, it immediately begins to log activities and sends the information to the online control panel. When you are ready to view the logged activities from the cell phone, you can login to the online control panel from any computer, tablet or smartphone that is connected to the Internet.

Imagine being able to see a live screenshot and GPS location map of the device from any computer or device that is connected to the Internet. With Mobile Spy's Live Control Panel, you can get an instant screenshot of what is happening on your child's monitored cell phone. Note that this specific feature requires a rooted Android device.

So be sure to choose the Premium option during checkout so you can perform cell phone monitoring in real time. Mobile Spy is used for more than just logging your child's cell phone activities. You can also use it to send commands your child's phone in order to control it. This can come in handy if you need to immediately stop unwanted activity, or if the phone gets stolen. The commands can be sent from the online control panel or from your cell phone by text message. Here are the commands you can send to the cell phone:.