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You can also rotate the bezel to scroll through either the right or left swipes from the watch face. The rotating bezel also works within selected apps and widgets to scroll up and down or left and right in different menus and lists. The bezel is a joy to use and one thing that sets the Gear Sport apart from the Apple Watch and its awkward rotating scroll wheel button. However, most places that accept terminal payments work fine with the Gear Sport.

Samsung Health is a major focus of the Gear Sport with several available widgets, automatic tracking options, and the Samsung Health app ready to go. You can choose a workout to include running, walking, cycling, hiking, swimming, elliptical, exercise bike, step machine, treadmill, lunges, crunches, squats, jumping jacks, pilates, yoga, rowing machine, and other custom workout. I would love to see more multi-activity options where the Gear Sport takes you through several bodyweight exercises at once. For example, I use the Seven app on the Apple Watch and 7-minute workout on the Fitbit Ionic for a nice overall bodyweight routine.

The Samsung Gear app has two main screens, info and settings. Info is the status screen for your Gear Sport where connectivity, battery, storage, and RAM stats are presented. You can access the Samsung Gear store to install more watch faces or apps from this info screen. At the bottom you will find a quick link to Samsung Health. The settings screen is used to manage notifications, apps that are installed on your Gear Sport, find your Gear Sport, manage Samsung Pay, check the firmware of your Gear Sport, and more.

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Samsung Health is one of the most capable and functional life tracking utilities I have ever used. While it provides details of a stunning amount of data collected by Samsung wearables, it still has no connectivity to Apple Health or Google Fit. This doesn't affect me much since Samsung does have connectivity to other services like Runkeeper, Strava, and Microsoft Health. You can use the data through these apps to then connect down the line to Apple and Google. There are a couple of differences between using the Gear Sport on an Androd phone compared to a Samsung Galaxy Android phone, including limited functionality for calls, messaging, and email.

The major difference when using an iPhone with the Gear Sport is that you have no ability to use Samsung Pay. Pressing and holding the top button, when connected to an iPhone, does nothing and there is no option in the Samsung Gear app to setup Samsung Pay. Email is also not supported when connected to an iPhone. Notifications are supported, but you do not have the ability to select specific app notifications and you will see all of the same notifications you have established on your iPhone appear on the Gear Sport.

The Gear Sport is a smartwatch first and activity tracker second. Competition in the smartwatch area is primarily limited to the Apple Watch and Android Wear. There isn't a current Android Wear device I would consider any competition at all. Looking at watches that focus first on activity tracking, the competition includes the Fitbit Ionic , Garmin Vivoactive 3 , and other Garmin and Suunto devices. These have at least double the battery life of the Gear Sport, but the Gear Sport is a better smartwatch than both of these devices.

The Gear Sport is clearly a better smartwatch for Android users than any current Android Wear device. The world is full of temptations. Having something to keep your fitness goals, progress, and plans easily accessible will help you to stay on track. Fitness trackers come in many forms with a variety of features and functionality. They can sync with your other devices, access apps, and even offer calendar and phone notifications. Knowing your goals and your challenges will allow you to select a fitness tracker that offers the features you need to support your new healthy habits. Our picks are listed below in alphabetical order for easy reference.

Ratings are based on Amazon and are current at the time of this publication. This is the no-fuss tracker for all your basic needs.

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It will store 30 days of your data at a time and includes your daily steps, distance traveled, calories burned, and exercise times along with a built-in clock and step goal. And the large display screen is especially helpful for those with less-than-perfect vision. These bright color options will appeal to anyone with a flair for the flashy while the price tag will appeal to pretty much anyone. It may not have any special features, but the price tag means this is a great option for a kid wanting to lead a more active lifestyle.

And if he loses it? Current Rating : 4. By downloading the app, though, you can access and keep track of your fitness levels, goals, sleep, and activity with ease.

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It will send gentle vibrations to get you moving, and the awareness of your reproductive system can help you with conception. This fitness tracker will monitor your heart rate 24 hours a day, connects to your GPS, tracks your sleep, and includes 14 training modes. It will connect via Bluetooth to an Android or iOS device, and the battery will last anywhere from 4 to 7 days based on use. At the flip of your wrist, you will have access to the weather, a remote control camera, and timer, as well as a breathing guide, making this watch pretty effective for any training regimen you could want.

This fitness tracker is compatible with over iOS, Android, and Windows devices, which means you can use this for so much more than merely counting your steps. This fitness tracker is possibly demeaned by that label because it does so much more than merely track your fitness levels.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 review: A runaway success

If you have a need for a wearable device that will send you notifications and allow you to check your email, this device can do all of that. But its ability to track your runs, your cardio, cross training, biking, and more with an accurate GPS reading makes this tech device well suited to keep you focused on your fitness goals. It will even allow you to fine tune your exercises by checking your heart rate to make sure your workout is giving you the desired intensity.

This is a perfect companion for your workout. This fitness tracker is good for those with blood pressure concerns. Otherwise I'd recommend a regular pedometer.

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