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  1. How the US Government Planted 'Spy Phones' on Suspects | WIRED
  2. Huawei ban: Full timeline as Mate X foldable phone launches in China
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Censorship is a heavy political tool on other countries, where the government controls all that the people see. Oh well, if they want to waste time looking through my internet porn history then be my guest. Have fun!

How the US Government Planted 'Spy Phones' on Suspects | WIRED

I hate thinking about where I am when I use my cell to check my bank balance, or what internet connection can I get on to download something, or if I went to a wrong URL and worry that they snagged my info. They understood and even considered doing the same. I even received a Credit Card offer to that name! Sure but how would they know you are not talking about illegal things?

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There is Pros and Con with It! But I admire the creation of this product!!!

Huawei ban: Full timeline as Mate X foldable phone launches in China

Thank you!! For now. What if in the upcoming years those data are used against ourselves? Please think about tomorrow and what they can do. Safety is just a reason to make you swallow their bullshit. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Like what you've read? Clap for this post.

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What are VPN connection logs?

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  • Internet privacy Johnny 5 - March 27, Did the internet fail to deliver on its early promises? Internet privacy Lexie - April 17, Upset about Facebook? The best ways to secure your Bitcoins Internet security Lexie - May 17, The government bit comes into play as Motherboard heard that eSurv had sold the spyware to the Italian government. The use of government spyware is a pretty grey area ; a court order, for example, can grant police the authority to hack a person's phone.

    But in the case of Exodus, a borked function meant it was effectively snooping on people it shouldn't be. Exodus has a function called "CheckValidTarget", which we can assume is designed to ensure the infected device is one that's meant to be snooped on by law enforcement.

    Problem is, the investigation found that it failed to carry out those checks and would have meant the spyware digitally gawked at people it had no right to and was, therefore, acting illegally. Italian prosecutors are now reportedly looking into eSurv and have seized computers and shut down the infrastructure supporting the spyware. Google also moved to strip the Exodus apps from its Play Store, and noted that not many of the apps had more than a few dozen installs apiece, though one app exceeded downloads; hardly a rampant infection.

    Furthermore, in this case, the data collected ran the risk of being tampered with, meaning Italian rozzers could have collected data that wasn't even accurate. The whole thing is a bit of mess and also highlights that there's still some work to do on Google side to keep spyware-ridden apps at bay.

    8 ways the NSA is spying on you right now

    Artificial Intelligence. Internet of Things. Five things you should look for in choosing a Testing provider Choosing a Testing Partner can be complex. View all whitepapers. Innocent looking Android apps hid Exodus spyware. Send to. Security Asus software hijacked to spread malware to 'millions' of PC users.

    Software Google yanks 29 malware-packed photography apps from the Play Store. Google's latest phone is made of paper Print screen Hardware 25 October