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One can watch the day-long activity and control the camera of the target phone. The GuestSpy offers a variety of comprehensive features. Using this tracking app user can record live recording of the target phone. This app has more inbuilt features useful for spying; however, this app is a little bit costly. You can try its basic edition to spy iPhone.

How To Spy on iPhone Text Messages Without Jailbreak | MobieSpy

This app allows users to listen to live call recordings, text messages, call logs, emails, and contacts and so on. The NetSpy app is compatible with different devices like Symbian, Android, iPhone, Nokia, blackberry, mac operating system. You can contact through email for detail information about the app and pricing.

You can also download its trial version. The app works on stealth mode and bypasses the security system of the target phone.

How to Install mSpy Without Physical Access for iPhone [No Jailbreak]

It is a good spyware because it charges only one time. It is a nice to offer if you compare to other spy app plan. Parents can watch what their children are doing in their free time.

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This app is designed for the parents to check the activities of their children to make sure that they are on right track. The app has several essential features like text message tracker, phone spy, call logs, live location tracker, multimedia access. Additionally, the app allows monitoring of social media accounts such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Viber, Snapchat, etc.

Even deleted and secure conversation can be viewed.

The Best iPhone Spy App No Jailbreak Needed

Parents can listen the outgoing and incoming calls of their children also, access their location using GPS tracker. You can try its 7-day trial pack for free. The developer builds this app, especially for the parents. Nowadays, children are engaged in the phone they spend most of their time on mobile screen. This can harm their health and also harm in a social way. As we know the internet is an infinite source of information.

Some are useful for us or some may be irrelevant also, however, it may be but it is good to keep your child out from those contents.

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  • In order to do that, developers add the site restriction feature that helps parents to control their child activities. The feature has stealth mode that helps to monitor activities secretly. Most of the parents find this app convenient way to keep their children safe.

    Guide to iPhone Spy without Jailbreak

    This is one of the popular Smartphone spy apps for the iPhone spy. This app has designed without compromises; it offers many features that help for spying application. The service provider helps instantly in case of any queries you can contact them. This app works for the pro version of the Android phone also for the iPhone.

    The app comes with the great safety that includes spy camera feature. FreePhoneSpy is the unique app because it has Keylogger function and remote control feature. Moreover, the spy app is available at the most reasonable cost. The user has to take monthly subscription of the app. The app covers all the basic feature of other spy apps, some features are call logs, text messages, call recording, multimedia access, videos, photos, files, and many other features. Cons: Dashboard is unable to provide timely updates.

    Two factory verification in iOS causes problem in installation. Cons: May not give you communication logs.

    Using SpyAdvice app

    Takes a good chunk of time in installing the app. It effortlessly works with the latest version of iPhone. Pros: Ensures to give accurate information of the locations. Cons: Slightly higher on the price range. Cons: Has no provision of giving regular text alerts to parents.

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    • Pros: Find My Friend is accessible in a variety of languages. Cons: Not compatible with iOS 11 versions or below.

      How to Spy on iPhone without Jailbreak

      Prone for getting unauthorized access of hackers. Pros: Suitable with almost all the iOS devices. Cons: Space consuming The tracking of location may lower down the battery life.

      How to spy on iPhone 7 and 7 plus without jailbreak?

      Cons: Does not support live monitoring of social handles. Moreover, the exclusive App store available on all Apple devices such as iPhone and iPad enable its users to explore a plethora of online apps. However, this exclusivity of apple devices being limited to use apps from the apple store only becomes a major glitch in some cases. Jailbreaking is a process which removes the restrictions applied by Apple on its devices.

      Once done, the iPhone user can download, install and use applications from other sources on the web. Though, the process of jailbreaking scoops out plentiful of new opportunities for the iPhone user, but it raises a number of security and privacy issues.