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Our system does not require any special training or equipment. We provide a simple snippet of javascript code that you or your webmaster can place on your website.

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If you would like assistance installing the code, contact us and one of our U. Real-time events are created for each call. You configure goals to count only calls that exceed a specified duration as conversions. However, your tracking numbers will be released at the end of your billing cycle and calls will no longer be forwarded to your business.

Once your phone numbers are released, they cannot be recovered. No plans with features you don't need. Easy Setup Start tracking calls within minutes.

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Top notch U. Convenient Use our simple reporting interface or integrate call data directly with Google Analytics in real-time. Agency Account Best Rates in the industry. How do I install Easy Call Tracker on my website? Please ensure you're providing users with clear and comprehensive information about data collection, and obtaining consent where legally required.

You must install the global site tag on every page of your website, but you need only one global site tag for each Google Ads account.

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The phone snippet replaces a phone number on your website with a Google forwarding number. Install this snippet on site pages where your phone number appears. Copy the global site tag, then follow the instructions to add it to your website. E nter your phone number as it appears on your website.

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Enter the phone number that you want to track calls to. Make sure to enter the exact digits that appear on your website. For example, if the number on your website has a country code, include the country code here. If the number on your website does not have a country code, do not include the country code here. Then, click Create snippet.

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  6. Example : You list the number on your website as You should enter the number as You should use this option if you want to track calls to multiple phone numbers on your website. Copy the snippet to add it to your website now, or click Download snippet to add it later. Here are examples of HTML before and after adding the conversion tracking tag: Sample HTML before conversion tracking code sample only—don't use in your website's code. Sample HTML after conversion tracking code sample only—don't use in your website's code. You may go to the preview and debug mode of GTM to preview your site.

    This function gets a telephone number and replaces the contents of all spans of the given class. In this example, the phone number "" inside the span tag will be replaced with the dynamically generated, formatted forwarding number. Gets a telephone number and sends it to a callback function. The example callback function will replace contents of an element with the id "number" with the formatted forwarding number.

    Track calls to a phone number on a website

    To allow people viewing your website on a mobile phone to call your business easily, you can make the Google forwarding number clickable. Example 3: Pass the Google forwarding number to a custom callback function on your mobile site On mobile web pages with a clickable phone number, replace both the number that is displayed and the number that is called when clicked.

    This requires use of the callback function. It can take up to an hour for your ads to be enabled for this conversion action. If you'd like to make sure it's working, you can do a search that brings up your ad, then click the ad to visit your website you'll be charged for the click. Your regular phone number should now be replaced with a Google forwarding number.

    If you're doing repeated tests, delete the "gwcc" cookie from your browser before clicking on an ad again.

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    CallGear - Smart Call Tracking and Analytics for Business

    Your guide to Google Ads Skillshop Account walk-throughs. Track calls to a phone number on a website Use phone call conversion tracking to help you see how effectively your ads lead to phone calls from your website. Before you begin If you use another system to track when calls lead to sales or other conversions, you might want to create an import calls conversion action instead. Learn how to Use call extensions Benefits. Click the plus button.

    Enable intelligent call tracking for your company!

    Click Phone calls. Select Calls to a phone number on your website. An example might be "Flower phone orders" or "Booking calls. The category allows you to segment your conversions in reports, so you can see similar conversions together.